About Auctions
Auctions have been around since before 500 BC. They are exciting and entertaining, besides effective for both Sellers and Buyers. It is one of the few forums where both the Seller and Buyer leave satisfied. Read more.
Edens Auctions partners with other auction Companies, Real Estate Companies, antique Dealers and others. If you would like information about our partner program, please contact us. Visit High Street Antique Mall – Co-Owner, Frank D. Edens
Our Broker referral program is a proven program that works for all parties involved. If you are a Broker and would like to refer a property to us for evaluation, please contact Joe M. Rankin, Edens Real Estate, Inc. Joe serves as Broker Relations Representative for Edens Auctions, Inc.Contact Information: (601) 953-6615 Edens Auctions cooperates with Brokers throughout the United States for the auction of Mississippi Real Estate.
Edens Auctions encourages Sellers to authoize us to offer a commission to Brokers who represent Buyers at our Real Estate auctions. The Buyer Broker commission is negotiable.
All Real Estate Services are now offered by Frank D. Edens, Broker.  Short time from contract to auction. 30-60 days.Most property is sold “As-Is, Where Is” without contingencies.Multiple offers are presented on the same day fostering competitive bidding in an open environment.Opening bid is made and price goes up, not down increasing upside potential.Preview of property is available.Auction creates a sense of urgency and Promote Buyer Interest. Buyers must act or lose the property.Buyers are qualified to purchase. Read more