Auctions have been around since before 500 BC. They are exciting and entertaining, besides effective for both Sellers and Buyers. It is one of the few forums where both the Seller and Buyer leave satisfied.


Buyers who attend auctions come prepared to buy
Fast sale, no long term waiting or costs such as taxes and insurance
Property sells for true market value
Makes the property known to a large number of prospects
Accelerates the sale and closing
Fosters competition among buyers to obtain best price
All buyers are qualified to purchase. No qualifying contingencies.
Exact date of sell is known to Seller
Saved Seller from countless and unscheduled showings
Removes seller out of the negotiation process and let’s buyers compete
Aggressive marketing increases interest and visibility


Smart investments are made as properties are usually purchased at fair market value through competitive bidding
The buyer knows seller is committed to sell
You as Buyer determine the purchase price
No long negotiations
Quick purchase and closing to reduce time
Closing date is known
Buyers all compete fairly with each other. No unknown negotiations.