houseAll real estate services are now offered by Frank D. Edens, Broker.
The auctioneers of Edens Auctions have sold millions dollars of real estate.

Instead of waiting months or years to sell your property, use the auction method to know the exact date, which you set.

Homes, Land, Farms and any desirable real property sell well at auction.

Regardless of market conditions, auctions work.

Desperate home sellers turning to auctions

More home sellers try residential auctions.

Going, Going, Gone…Home Sellers Turn to Auctions In Effort to Move Properties
In Slowing Housing Markets. The Wall Street Journal

As housing market slows, anxious sellers turn to auctioneers. Columbia Business Times

Home sellers hope for bigger profits via auctions. Straits Times

More sellers turn to auctions as housing market cools. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Grab the Auction Opportunity, No Longer A Last Resort.” The Chicago Realtor

When the gavel falls, its both buyers and sellers who win at auctions.

To determine if your property qualifies for an auction, please contract us.