How Consignments Work

Online Auctions

To consign to our online auctions contact Beau Edens.  See Contact Information. He will discuss your consignment from an estate, downsizing, etc. and either come look at the items or send our staff to pick up your items without preview depending on what is being consigned.

The items are then picked up except in situations where the auction will be held onsite.  Most are picked up and taken to our galleries. The items are photographed, described and added to the catalog for an auction. A starting bid is assigned to each item based on our experience and bidders bid from there.

The auction begins and bidders have 7 days to bid.  The public can come preview the items at our gallery during the auction. After the auction the bidders pick up their items and are charged the bid prices.

Finally, you are paid, less our commission.  Commissions on most items are 30% with some exceptions where the commission is lower.

Real Estate Auctions

For real estate contact Broker Frank Edens at, or contact Beau and he will provide your contact information to me.

Many people don’t realize that auctions are most effective than traditional sales for highly desirable and unique properties. In other words, no one knows the auction value one of these properties, so an auction is the most effective way to get a fair value.  For example, did you sell your property in 1-3 days, a week or even a month?  If sold that quick do you think you got the top dollar.  Did you have more than one person interested? If so, you more than likely sold it too low.

Business Liquidations

Some business owners decide to close, retire or otherwise need to sell the contents of their business. They may have a Going out of Business Sale.  But in an auction the items can all be sold quickly with competitive bidding.  If real estate is owned it can also be offered at the auction.