Real Property Division

Do you own a large tract of land, or smaller tract that can be divided into more than one tract?

If so, you have one of the best types of property to market.

Why? Because what we do is determine the best method to offer the property in multiple tracts and sell all the property at the auction. Because of this, bids for the tracts are much higher than the price wanted for the entire property which means the seller and buyers leave happy.  Here is how it works.

  1. We divide the property into tracts with the help of a suveryor.
  2. At the auction, each tact is offers and some tracts are also offered together to obtain the highest bid and then the entire property is offered.
  3. If there are no bids above the total of the separate parcels, the separate parcels are all sold.  If someone bids more than the total of the seperate parcels the entire property sells to one bidder.

Why do the seller and buyers in this process all leave happy? Because the seller sold all the property at once for a higher price, and the buyers usually buy their tract lower than value for that parcel alone.